Android and Git: a (version controlled) love story

Back in August last year, having a big phone (or phablet as those are called nowadays) was unusual, having a Bluetooth keyboard connected to such a device was seen as weird but wanting to use that combination for writing code and store it in a VCS was considered as borderline.

Tabs, stop! The truth about tab and spaces in Vim

I’m one of those Jurassic reptiles that enjoys using Vim; don’t ask, just let me be and in case you feel like spending a weekend with me and my pack of laser-eyed tamed T-Rex’s playing with keyboard shortcuts just have a look at the ad-hoc collection of resources I collected over time and/or at my vimrc settings.


April 14th at 13:30 I’ll give a lecture about the basics of Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO), is going to be a lot of fun!